Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC) 

From the early culture of the Himalayan region to the influence of different cultures from East and West in modern and contemporary times, the Himalayan culture has formed through fusion and collision. The area covered and influenced by the Himalayan cultural sphere encompasses different countries and regions in Southeast Asia, as well as Western Asia and Central Asia.

The Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC) is an interdisciplinary and inter-organizational comprehensive research platform. It conducts transcultural research into the diverse Himalayan cultural sphere in history, including politics, economics, philosophy, religion, art and society. In particular, it uses the perspective and methodology of social sciences to analyze the features and influence of Himalayan civilization. It explores the contemporary social lifestyle in relevant regions against the background of Himalayan culture. Also, it collates various kinds of resources to collectively establish and share a transcultural comparative Himalayan research system.

The Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre aims to make comparisons with Himalayan civilization and to promote the positive and constructive significance of Himalayan culture within the global cultural dialogue.

The Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre is a division of the Global China Thinktank. It is a knowledge-based thinktank for social consultancy. It aims to bring resources from China and Chinese and comparative studies to the mission of participating in shaping a global society. It is managed by the Global China Academy, a UK-based academic institution that aims to promote the study of China in comparative perspective in all aspects, and to pursue the building and governance of a global society.

The key aims of the Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre are:
1) Himalayan global transcultural academic cooperation
2) Himalayan international cooperation in art
3) Himalayan and Chinese cooperation in culture and tourism

The first China programme launched by the Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre consists of two events: “The Extremes of the East: From the Himalaya to the Great River — A View of Geography and Art across the Millennium”, organized by Mr Yigang Wang, the first Chinese Director of the Global China Thinktank; and “The Himalaya and the Great River Humanities Dialogue” Forum, directed by Prof. Letian Zhang, the Chinese Director of Global China Academy, which will be held in Wuhan, China, on 1-3 November 2018.

Attachment: “The Extremes of the East: From the Himalaya to the Great River — A View of Geography and Art across the Millennium” and “Himalaya and the Great River Humanities Dialogue” Forum.

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  1. 喜马拉雅全球跨文化学术合作
  2. 喜马拉雅国际艺术合作
  3. 喜马拉雅中国文化和旅游合作






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