Global transfer of knowledge 知识的全球转化

Both the terms of 'Globalization of Knowledge' and 'Global transfer of knowledge' are borrowed from the project “The Globalization of Knowledge and its Consequences” (2007-), and title of related series of discussions in 2012, by Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. The project is 'an interdisciplinary cooperation that aims at a systematic investigation of the globalization of knowledge by means of comparative research grounded in empirical detail'. The Globalization of Knowledge in History (2012) presents the first results of the main research project, which can be downloaded for free. It includes contents relate to China. The series of discussion on Global Transfer of Knowledge consists of 4 parts: 

China4Global will use the above reference as guidance working on global transfer of knowledge from China and the Chinese perspective.  


“知识全球化”和“知识的全球转化”这两个概念都是借用于德国马普科学史研究所2007年的一个项目“知识全球化及其后果”(2007-)。该项目是通过跨学科的合作、用比较研究的方法、立足于实证细节“知识全球化”的系统的经验研究, 2012年出版的《知识全球化史》 一书是此项目的初期成果,其中也包含与中国作比较研究的内容,并于2012年举办了知识的全球转化的系列讨论 系列讨论', 包含个部分: 



Highlights 关注 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式 Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! 恭贺各位2019猪年新禧! Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx) 学无国界全球教育比较研究中心 Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC) 喜马拉雅文明比较研究中心 喜马拉雅文明比较研究中心 Digital Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing — Social Change and Cultural Transformation in Global Society (Pre-GCD Forum) 数字互联和智造论坛——全球社会变迁和文化转型(对话前论坛) The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V): Governance for Global Justice 第五届全球中国对话:全球正义治理通知 Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service for China and China in Comparative Studies (Post-GCD forum) 中国及中国比较研究学术出版与知识服务论坛(对话后论坛) Photo report: Agreement-signing ceremony and launch of English edition of China’s Role in a Shared Human Future at the London Book Fair 图片报道《中国在人类命运共同体中的角色》 ​合作出版签约仪式在伦敦书展举办
The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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