Global engagement

The former British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston (1784-1865) was categorical in pointing out that countries have no permanent allies or enemies but only permanent interests. The aphorism continues to resonate in the contemporary ‘global engagement’ with China and other major countries.

The emphasis on global engagement as a strategic objective has become manifested in national efforts for building bridges between people and cultures through cultural and public diplomacy. China’s varied global engagement initiatives in this regard yield interesting comparative insights into national strategic interests and policies when examined with respect to other countries. The comparative study of China’s global engagement will extend to both state initiatives and non-state efforts and the roles and objectives of various actors involved in the processes.


前英国首相Palmerston 爵士 (1784-1865) 绝对的指出国家没有永远的盟友或敌人但只有永远的利益。这个格言继续在当代中国与其他主要国家的全球参与中产生共鸣。

对 全球参与作为一个战略性目标的重视已经显示在国家的努力去通过文化和公共外交去建立人和文化之间的桥梁。 在与其它国家比较下审视中国的各种全球参与可以引发对国家战略性利益与政策的有趣比较性洞察力。对中国的全球参与的比较研究将会伸展至国家的主动性与非政 府的努力及各个参与过程的人的角色和目标。

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