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bravenet_logo|We receive messages from time to time asking to set up an interactive forum to discuss issues that we are interested in, eg, Dr Bingqin Li, lecturer of social policy, said, 'I would love to have an online forum.... Considering all the Universities in China can have their own forums, I do not see why we cannot have our own'.
The CCPN coordinator checked with the School's Web Service about this. The answer was that 'Our current discussion board service has been suspended pending a decision on its future. It may be that we will offer interactive discussion forums again', but they are not sure when.*
We have therefore found the free service Bravenet |and bravely signed up for a message board. This service allows the web editor to delete (but not edit) messages and bar IP, etc. This means we control the quality of messages (click here to see  rules and an example|).
You can start to post your messages now by clicking Free Message Forum from Bravenet.com|  to enter the forum and clicking 'post' to leave your messages for discussion.
Hope you enjoy this new service!

* After we launched the Discussion Board Mr Stephen Emmott, Head of Web Services, replied that 'I'd like to offer discussion forums via a third party, and what you've found may well be a solution for us. We could then provide this to others at LSE'.

Discussion board rules

From many discussion boards I found that the best ones work on the simplest 'gentlemen's rules'. In this case, the web editor reserves the right to remove any message which is either irrelevant or not appropriate without a notification.

The example below was a message sent to me by a student, together with my reply before the discussion board was set up - also for you to share.

The web editor


From: Chang,X
Sent: 29 July 2008 09:25
To: 星'

Subject: RE: Asking for a chance--from a Chinese student

Dear 'Planet of China',

When everybody is talking about globalization you name yourself as a planet. What a smart 'Post 80's person!

I read your message with great interest. Please don't feel disappointed if we can't provide a straightforward answer to your big question WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF CHINA? because we are not predictors. We are explorers and servants for China in Comparative Perspective studies, and hope we could work out something different from what you already know together with others who share the same interests with us.

If you like this please come along with us to explore in which way you might enjoy the process and find out some answers yourself. Please also look at a new page 'IAS' and 'Thinking like a social scientist' which might give you a broader perspective to look at those problems that you mentioned.

BTW, have you filled the form so we could keep you informed about our future events?

All the best!



From: 星 planetofchina@hotmail.com 
Sent: 29 July 2008 08:37
To: Chang,X
Subject: Asking for a chance--from a Chinese student

Dear Dr. Chang

As a Chinese "Post 80's"generation, I enjoy the fast changing daily life and tremendous growth of China's economy but there is always an indelible question in my mind: WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF CHINA? We are unable to obtain the exact answer until it arrives in real due to the failed experience of implication of western economic theories on China's issue.

What happened in the past two decades was that China's mysterious Tiger Economy under a variety of unanticipated trends, velocities and aspects in differentiated time periods and locations. In my opinion, it's irrational that to judge and tackle China's problems through the histories and experiences of developed countries. China has its own specified axiom and law involved in economy, politics and diplomacy; this is caused by both of its characterization of economical reforms in which aimed to switch Maoism Planned Economy to Modern Socialism Market Economy and Chinese particular philosophy, social psychology, political background, and even traditional moral standard. Consequently, we may acquire new eyes to diagnostic complex ailments suffered by China. I eagerly desire to predict the future of China, the future of all of Chinese people from the studying experience in LSE.

Less and less Chinese youth prefer to spend their life and time on considering of China's social and historical prospective after the huge reform in forms of Economics and Politics since 1978. The modern society pushes all the people into a deep pool of fierce competitiveness of their career track rather than encourage them to concern about sustainability and health of China's next movement. The inherent strong responsibility towards to China's tomorrow in my blood inspires me to seek the answer spending my whole life and enthusiasm.

The CCP course provides a unique opportunity to help me to achieve that goal and I believe that LSE is the idealist academy where I can meet a great number of friends who are shouldering China's hope. I am looking forward some voice from Dr Chang while I would appreciate your advices on this course.

Yours sincerely



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