Charting a Course for China-UK Relations

An Evening with the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University


The Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Program would like to cordially invite you to a reception and presentation at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in London. 

Dean Hongbin Cai of the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University will lead a distinguished group of speakers in discussing China and UK's economic issues and the relationship.

During the past 30 years, economic and financial developments in China occur at startling speed -- how do these developments critically impact the global economy? What insights can be offered on the China-UK innovation and cooperation?

We expect a thorough, enlightening and engaging discussion from all industry and business professionals involved. We hope that you can join us for this event so that we might together discuss channels for bilateral cooperation and the future of China-UK business relationships.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 28 February 2016

Time: 6:00PM - 8:30PM

Place: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London

Address: 66 Knightbridge, London SW1X 7LA, UK


Organizer: the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Program

Co-organizers: Global China Dialogue and YES Global

Co-hosts: Learning without Boarders and UVIC Group

Media partner: Interactive Media Britain

Registration: Click HERE or write to for registration by the 25 February

Note: This event is by invitation only. We offer few seats on a first come first served basis.


6:00PM - 6:30PM Registration & Networking

6:30 - 7:30PM Speech

7:30 - 7:45PM Q & A

7:45 - 8:30PM Reception

Speakers in Alphabetical Order

Dr. Hongbin Cai is currently Professor in Economics and Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. He taught at University of California, Los Angeles before moving back to Peking University. He is a National Chang Jiang Scholar (awarded by Ministry of Education of China) and a National Outstanding Young Researcher (awarded by National Science Foundation of China). Professor Cai has published many academic papers in top international journals in economics and finance, in a wide range of areas including game theory, Chinese economy, industrial organization and corporate finance. He is elected as a Fellow and a Council member of the Econometric Society. Professor Cai is a member of the National People’s Congress, and a member of the Central Committee of China Democratic League and Vice Chairman of its Committee of Economic Affairs. He was the founding president of The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA, overseas).

Mr. Xu Jin brings a wealth of experience in the field of international trade and commerce to his post as Minister Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office at the Chinese Embassy in London. Educated at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, and with management and export training from Harvard Business School and Trinity College Dublin respectively, Mr. Jin has been an official in the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) since 1984. In his time at MOFCOM, Mr. Jin has held important positions such as President of the Academy for International Business Officials and Deputy Director General of the Department of American and Oceania Trade Affairs and more.

Mr. David Stringer-Lamarre is the Chairman of the Institute of Directors (IoD), City of London, which has 1000+ business leaders and entrepreneurs as members. The branch covers the City of London and Canary Wharf. IoD City of London has several Special Interest Groups including: China, Property, Financial Services & Young Executives. The Institute of Directors as a whole has 34,000 members. Mr. Stringer-Lamarre is the Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London leading a group of experts focused upon organisational development, with a particular focus upon effective communication and engagement. Cross cultural communication is a central part of the company’s work. 37 countries are covered including China & the UK.

Mr. Xingang Wang's professional experience includes engineering consulting and investment banking. He is currently working in the City and recently published his first book to give career advice. He was the Parliamentary candidate for Manchester Central in 2015 General Election. During his spare time he served as a Magistrate, a local councillor and writing his own political column. He studied Engineering at Imperial College London, Mathematics at Oxford and Harvard Business School.

H-J Colston Called a 'friend of China' by President Xi Jinping during his State Visit to the UK in October 2015, Ms. H-J Colston has been at the forefront of the China-UK space for over 20 years. As Joint CEO of Chopsticks Club, the UK's largest, independent China-UK professionals' membership network, Ms. Colston supports both Chinese & UK organisations, including schools and universities, to build their in and outbound businesses through a portfolio of services, networking events, cultural training and China briefings. She is dedicated to building positive bi-lateral relations through the Chopsticks Club network, founded in 1993 and now comprising 4,000 people - 50% of whom are Chinese.

Mr James Bannerman is author of GENIUS!, the best-selling book which sets out to increase the number of genius moments in your life. He is also a creative change agent who combines creativity with psychology to help businesses innovate. As an innovation consultant he has worked with many leading organisations such as Aston Martin, British Airways, Orange, Starbucks, Rolls-Royce, HSBC and Takeda, as well as at the National Space Centre on a mission to Mars.

About the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA (GK-EMBA) Program

Blending both Guanghua and Kellogg's long histories of academic excellence and superior management research, the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program features an integrated curriculum that equips executives with the business acumen and network necessary for success in China and worldwide. The program is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century executive and to facilitate networking with the world's most dynamic multinational companies and their executives. It emphasizes the on-the-ground business practices and public policies that define the "real China."

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Photos 照片

Speakers from left to right: Professor Hongbin Cai, Mr. Xu Jin,  Mr. David Stringer-Lamarre, Mr. Xingang Wang, Ms H-J Colston and Mr James Bannerman. 演讲嘉宾自左至右:蔡洪滨教授,金旭先生,大卫·斯特林格-拉马尔先生, 王鑫刚先生,童海珍先生和詹姆斯·巴纳曼先生。

At the event. 会场。

From left to right: Ms LIU Xiaoxi, the Deputy Director of The Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Program, was introducing the programme, interviewing Mr Jin Xu, Minister Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office at the Chinese Embassy in London, and discussing with Mr. David Stringer-Lamarre is the Chairman of the Institute of Directors (IoD), City of London, 自左至右:北大光华-Kellogg国际EMBA项目副主任刘晓曦女士在会上介绍该项目,访谈中国驻英使馆商务处公使衔参赞金旭先生,与英国董事学会(Institute of Directors)伦敦金融城分会主席大卫·斯特林格-拉马尔先生交谈。

Co-organizers with some speakers from left to right: Global China Dialogue (Professor Xiangqun Chang, middle), YES Global (Ms Amanda Wang, left), UVIC Group (Ms Tanya Wang, right), Professor  Hongbin Cai, Mr. Xu Jin and Mr. Xingang Wang. 协办和承办单位负责人与演讲嘉宾,照片从左到右:全球中国对话(常向群教授,中),全球青年企业家协会(王玥淇女士,左)和UVIC集团(王媛女士),  蔡洪滨教授,金旭先生和王鑫刚先生。

Co-organizers, VIP guests with some speakers. Speakers from left to right: Professor Hongbin Cai,  Mr and Mrs. David Stringer-Lamarreme, Ms H-J Colston and  Mr James Bannerman. 协办和承办单位负责人和参会嘉宾与演讲嘉宾合影,演讲嘉宾照片从左到右:蔡洪滨教授,大卫·斯特林格-拉马尔先生及其夫人, 童海珍女士和詹姆斯·巴纳曼先生。

Speakers discuss with participants from left to right: Mr James Bannerman, Mr. David Stringer-Lamarre and Mr. Xu Jin. 自左至右演讲嘉宾与参会者交谈:詹姆斯·巴纳曼(James Bannerman) 先生,大卫·斯特林格-拉马尔(David Stringer-Lamarre ) 先生和金旭先生。

Speakers and  participants network at the reception (1/2). 演讲嘉宾与参会者社交(之一)。

Speakers and  participants network at the reception (2/2). 演讲嘉宾与参会者社交(之二)。



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北大光华-Kellogg 国际EMBA走进伦敦







时间:2016年2月28日,星期日,6:00PM - 8:30PM

地点:伦敦文华东方酒店 Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London

地址:66 Knightbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom



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协办:全球中国对话(Global China Dialogue)和全球青年企业家协会(YES Global)

承办:学无国界(Learning without Borders)和英国签证与国际教育集团(UVIC Group)

媒体合作:英国互动传媒(Interactive Media Britain)


6:00 - 6:30 PM 注册

6:30 - 7:30PM 嘉宾演讲

7:30 - 7:45PM 问答环节

7:45 - 8:30PM 招待会


蔡洪滨教授, 北京大学光华管理学院院长、教授、博导。蔡洪滨教授长期致力于博弈论、产业组织、公司金融和中国经济等领域的研究并取得了丰硕的研究成果,在经济学、金融 学国际顶级刊物上发表20余篇论文,并有众多的中文研究成果发表在国内顶级学术期刊。领导完成多项国家部委委托的重点课题。

金旭先生,有着丰富的国际贸易和商业领域的的经验,他是中国驻英国大使馆商务处公使衔参赞。他就读于北京经济贸大学,并分别从哈佛商学院和都柏林三一学院获得管理和出 口专业的学历,自1984年以来金先生一直在中国商务部(MOFCOM)任职位,如商务部国际商务官员研修学院院长,美国和大洋洲贸易办事处和多个部门的 副司长等要职。

大卫·斯特林格-拉马尔先生,英国董事学会(Institute of Directors)伦敦金融城分会主席。目前该会在伦敦拥有超过 1000名会员,从企业的管理者到各行各业专业人士的代表。学会旨在建立一个为各方提供资源和人脉的关系网络。

王鑫刚先生, 曼彻斯特选区国会议员候选人兼克莱盖特教区地区议员。王鑫刚毕业于帝国理工学院工程专业、牛津大学数学专业以及哈佛商学院。他的专业经验包括工程咨询和投 资银行。他参与了铁路、轻轨和伦敦公交等交通规划项目。在2015年英国大选中,他是曼城选区的国会议员候选人。在业余时间,他还是裁判官兼地方议员。

童海珍女士, 英国筷子俱乐部联合CEO H-J Colston 从1994年开始就从事与中国相关的工作。她在中国4年半的时间里学习中文,并且在世界知名品牌集宝工作。作为唯一一名在大陆该公司合资企业工作的外国女 性,她亲历各种文化冲突的发生,并理解提前做好准备的重要性。H-J曾在伦敦的劳埃德银行负责客户关系管理,并培训全球的同事如何更有效和富有个性地管理 好人际关系。她利用自己的经历和对中国的了解,设计并提供专业的跨文化培训激发了很多想在中国从事和开展生意的人的信心。



       北大光华-Kellogg国际EMBA是中国大陆地区首个中美合作高端联合EMBA学位项目。项目汇聚了中美两所顶尖商学院的一流师资,致力于构建严谨、 系统、前沿、优质的经济、管理课程体系。通过精心的设计,为学员提供一个“更中国、更世界”的学习体验。项目将为在国际化进程中探索的中国企业和发掘中国机遇的跨国企业,透析国际市场和与国际化经营之道,培养具有全球视野、掌握中美及世界经济运行规律和商业实践的高端管理人才。




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