Chinese for social science - Intermediate level reading


The following material is developed from CCPN Global's work. They will be published in Chinese for social science column of Journal of China in Comparative Perspective from 2014.

  1. Bridge or artificial limb, selected and edited from 'Supraplanning (moulüe) -- on the problem of the transfer of earthbound words and concepts in the cultural exchange between China and the West', by Harro von Senger. Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, Vol.1 No.1, 2014
  2. Ripples and straws, selected and edited from 'What can Western social scientists learn from the writings of Fei Xiaotong?' by Gary G. Hamilton. Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, Vol.1 No.2, 2014
  3. Li shang wanglai and guanxi, selected and edited from  Guanxi or Li shang wanglai? - Reciprocity, Social Support Networks, & Social Creativity in a Chinese Village, by Xiangqun Chang, Scholarly Publishing Business, Airiti Press Inc.  2010
  4. Hannization and Sanscritization,selected and edited from 'China and India: an anthropological view in relation to cultural peripheries', by Chie Nakane, Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, Vol.1 No.4, 2014


  1. 《桥梁与假肢》, 选编于“谋略(supraplanning) -- 中西文化交流中本土词汇与概念转换的问题”,[瑞士] 胜雅律,《中国比较研究》2014年第1卷第1期
  2. 《水圈和干草》, 选编于“费孝通著作对西方社会科学家的启示?” [美] 韩格理,《中国比较研究》2014年第1卷第2期
  3. 《礼尚往来与关系》, 选编于《关系抑或礼尚往来?- 江村互惠、社会支持网和社会创造的研究》, [英] 常向群 著  毛明华 译   辽宁人民出版社,2009年,‘前言’:第4-7页; 另见同名中英文版,由台湾华艺学术著作2010年出版
  4. 《汉化与梵化》,选编于“中国和印度:从人类学的视角来看文化的边陲",[日] 中根千枝,《中国比较研究》2014年、第1卷第4期


The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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